The space where you live or work is our passion...

We create beautiful, functional interiors and exteriors that intuitively know the way you want to live now and anticipate your needs.

Our customers are usually unique individuals who know what they want from a design; they rely on us to interpret their needs and personalities, combine it with their life experiences and circumstances, and then translate all that knowledge into furnishings, finishes, art and architecture, using our sense of style, our unique signature and our depth of experience

The greatest skill we have...

is our ability to listen to you in ways that you may not even be aware of. Only once we have listened do we embark on a design in our own unique and inimitable way.

Something that we think makes us very good at what we do and very unusual, is Claude Venter’s gift for creating hand drawn representations of your personal plans.

Every designer has a signature and we are no different, except that we never impose our ideas or style on a customer. We feel comfortable creating contemporary, neo classic, Asian fusion, eclectic, and traditional designs.

  We are experienced in commercial, retail, hospitality and domestic environments and we can do anything from a turn key project where we handle all the contractors and procurement, to a small project of just a few elements. Either way, we bring our love of good design, great ideas and excellent quality to the party.
We’ve been successfully running our business since 1996, and in that time we’ve worked in the most prestigious and luxurious homes, offices, hotels and stores imaginable. We have a vast portfolio of completed projects and a long list of happy customers

The only givens are beauty…just for the love of it…and functionality because things work better that way.